To start, users need to access MTMS Network website or download MTMS Apps (available soon)
1. Access MTMS Network Website
2. Sign-up for MTMS
After getting access, you will be able to sign up for MTMS with your email address Metamas wallet.
3. Choose plan Choose your preferred plan (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and payment in fiat(non-crypto users) or USDT(for Crypto user on marketplace).
You can create meeting now and earn tokens with a basic rate.
4. Transfer USDT into your in-app Wallet Transfer USDT to in-app wallet to buy NFTs in the Marketplace
5. Purchase an NFT Head over to the Marketplace and pick out an NFT! You can look for an Accounts type of your preference. Ensure you have enough USDT for the purchase.
Congrats! You are all set. After the purchase of an NFT, you can earn new token cap and earn more MTMS.
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