MTMS Token Use Cases

Content creators who share content on the platform
  • Pay $MTMS to create private rooms, public rooms to share content on the platform
  • Pay $MTMS to submit content for review and approval by MTMS moderators. Approved content will be rewarded with MTMS tokens based on its quality and popularity.
  • Receive $MTMS as rewards for their contributions
  • Receive other valuation rewards from Brands or Projects
Learners / Participants
Users who access and engage with the content
Purchase MTMS tokens to unlock premium content and access to exclusive features.
  • Receive MTMS as rewards for their time contributions
  • Receive MTMS when they click ads
Referral partners
Share MTMS referral links with others.
Receive MTMS tokens as a reward for successfully referring new users to the platform.
Participate in the validation process for new content added to the platform.
Receive MTMS tokens as a reward for validating new content and ensuring its quality.
Partners who advertise their products and services on the NFTs ads portal
Spend MTMS to place their ads
Get the right target audience
Individuals or entities who invest in MTMS token
Buy MTMS token in the market
MTMS Network
The platform itself
  • Use MTMS tokens to incentivize and reward platform stakeholders.
  • Spend MTMS on development, maintenance, and operations
Receive MTMS as Subscription fee, transaction fees and revenue share from brand partnerships
Token use cases include:
  • Payment for premium features
  • Payment for NFTs ads in various places in the platform
  • Payment for commission on NFTs sales in the NFTs ads portal
  • Rewarding users to join meetings and view ads
  • Thanking others when they share knowledge
  • Future use case: Support community and social problems