How does GloboRoom - Live Education Network become a part of the MTMS Web3 Portal?

Empower learners, reward educators, decentralize material sharing, and establish a secure proof of learning

GloboRoom is being developed by MTMS Network since 2022. GloboRoom is where education converges with technology in the most innovative way. As a leading EdTech startup, we offer live online coaching courses and a seamless meeting platform.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we are revolutionizing how students learn and educators teach. We are breaking down geographical barriers, making education accessible to all

How GloboRoom - Live Education Network be apart of MTMS Web3 Portal?

The MTMS Education Web3 Portal acts as the pivotal link between the GloboRoom Live Education Network and the Web3 system. Its core mission is to revolutionize education by empowering learners, rewarding educators, decentralizing material sharing, and ensuring a secure proof of learning. This seamlessly integrated platform brings together cutting-edge technology to create an interactive and rewarding educational experience, making knowledge more accessible and engaging for all.

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