How to Add $MTMS Token Address to Metamask Wallet

Step 1: Open Metamask Wallet

  1. Mobile Phone: Open metamask wallet application on your Phone, If you have not installed yet, please install metamask from the Appstore or Google Play Store

  2. Laptop/PC: Install MetaMask on your browser (Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Brave). If you haven't installed it yet, please download MetaMask from the Extensions area

Step 2: Select Arbitrum Network

After accessing the wallet, ensure that it is on the Arbitrum Network

Step 3: Import MTMS Token Adress

Begin by importing the address. Click on the "Import tokens" button to get started.

Step 4: Input MTMS Token Adress

MTMS Token address: 0x4DD40ec670722067241b4396dBD253c38dd820b5

Input the MTMS token address into the designated field, then click on the Next button to proceed.

Step 5: Finalize the process.

Click on the "Import" button to complete the process.

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