Q: What is MTMS Education Web3 Portal?

A: MTMS Network

The MTMS Education Web3 Portal acts as the pivotal link between the GloboRoom Live Education Network and the Web3 system. Its core mission is to revolutionize education by empowering learners, rewarding educators, decentralizing material sharing, and ensuring a secure proof of learning. This seamlessly integrated platform brings together cutting-edge technology to create an interactive and rewarding educational experience, making knowledge more accessible and engaging for all.

Q: Why is the MTMS Education Web3 Portal being developed?

A: In today's dynamic work environment, there is an increasing demand for learning that is based on real-time, real-life experiences. GloboRoom, with its inherent value proposition, tackles a crucial market challenge by streamlining the setup of live courses and connecting educators and learners globally.

Beyond that, to support individuals in their learning journeys, empower learners, and enable educators to earn additional income for the creation of more high-quality educational content, the need for an Education Web3 Portal in the market is evident. Through integration with the MTMS Education Web3 Portal, GloboRoom undergoes a transformative process, becoming a distinctive platform that empowers individuals to learn and share knowledge in an unparalleled manner.

Q: Where is project based?

A: MTMS Network Platform is being developed by MTMS Network Pty Ltd, Australia.

Q: What blockchain technology is MTMS developing on?

A: We plan to deploy the MTMS platform on multiple blockchains, including the trending ones. The initial blockchain to be deployed will be announced to the community at a later date

Q: Is MTMS free to use?

A: Yes, MTMS is free to use for limit basic features such as attending meetings. However, certain premium features and activities may require the use of tokens or a subscription to a premium plan.

Q: How can I create an account on MTMS?

A: You can create an account on MTMS by registering with your Email, Google account, Facebook Account at the moment

Q: Can I search for course by industry?

A: Yes, you can search for courses on platform by industry, including accounting, crypto, tech, sales and marketing, and more.

Q: Does the project have a token?

A: Yes, it have. Token's name is MTMS, total supply: 6B

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