Q: What is MTMS?
A: MTMS Network is a virtual education hub that offers a wide range of educational content on various topics with the unique reward system powered by blockchain technology.
MTMS allows users to create and join study rooms, attend private meetings, public rooms, enabling learners and educators to connect and collaborate on courses, content and incentives for learning and teaching
Q: Where is project based?
A: MTMS Network Platform is being developed by MTMS Network Pty Ltd, Australia.
Q: What blockchain technology is MTMS developing on?
A: We plan to deploy the MTMS platform on multiple blockchains, including the trending ones. Currently, the MTMS token is on testnet on the ERC-20 standard. However, the initial blockchain to be deployed will be announced to the community at a later date
Q: Is MTMS free to use?
A: Yes, MTMS is free to use for limit basic features such as creating public rooms and attending meetings. However, certain premium features and activities may require the use of tokens or a subscription to a premium plan.
Q: How can I create an account on MTMS?
A: You can create an account on MTMS by registering with your email, Google account at the moment
Q: Can I connect my crypto wallet to MTMS?
A: Yes, When MTMS Token is listing, you can connect your crypto wallet to MTMS to receive rewards in tokens
Q: What types of rooms can I create on MTMS?
A: You can create work and study rooms or room services on MTMS, with the ability to customize room details such as title, thumbnail, speaker, time, email invitees, and agenda.
Q: Can I search for rooms by industry?
A: Yes, you can search for rooms on MTMS by industry, including accounting, crypto, tech, sales and marketing, and more.
Q: How can I join a private meeting on MTMS?
A: You can join a private meeting on MTMS by entering the meeting ID or by being invited by the meeting host.
Q: What types of rewards can I earn on MTMS?
A: You can earn rewards on MTMS in the form of tokens, which can be traded on the exchange when token is listed