How MTMS Virtual Meeting platform adopted to MTMS Education Hub

MTMS Virtual Meeting Platform is the first center to be adopted by the MTMS Education Hub, paving the way for other Centers to be integrated in the future.
The MTMS Public Room enables users to attend live virtual classes, webinars, and workshops hosted by educators on the platform. Users can also form virtual groups for collaborative learning, which can enhance the overall learning experience.
The Private Room allows for scheduling of virtual meetings with educators or other learners, enabling one-on-one discussions for feedback and questions regarding the learners' progress.
The platform can be customized to suit the specific needs of educators and learners. Educators can create their own virtual classrooms or online courses, set their own prices, and define their own course objectives.
MTMS Rewards Center can also be implemented within the platform, using MTMS tokens to reward users for their time and activities on the MTMS Public Room, Private Room.
The integration with the NFTs Ads Portal can enable brand ads to be shown before or after meetings, providing opportunities for sponsorship and advertising.
Overall, the integration of MTMS Virtual Meeting Platform and other centers within the MTMS Education Hub can provide learners with a more dynamic and engaging environment to acquire knowledge and skills.