MTMS Web3 Model

MTMS Network Web3 model refers to the integration of Web3 technologies into the MTMS platform, MTMS allows users to create and join study rooms, attend private meetings, public rooms, enabling learners and educators to connect and collaborate on courses, content and incentives for learning and teaching
This model also allows users to earn rewards for creating and sharing educational content. Additionally, the Web3 model enables the creation of a trustless and decentralized system for verifying the authenticity of educational certificates and credentials, creating a more secure and reliable education system.
Tokenize sharing content:
  • Users can share content in virtual rooms
  • Users can earn tokens by creating and sharing high-quality content
  • Tokens can be used to access premium content or exchanged for other tokens or cryptocurrencies
Enhance people's interest in sharing knowledge and community:
  • Social Learning: Encourage social learning by enabling users to interact with each other, ask questions, and share knowledge
  • Users can create or join communities based on topics they are interested in, such as crypto, marketing, or finance
  • The community can thanks on the quality of the content, and the Host can earn more tokens
NFT Marketplace and Certificate:
  • NFT Marketplace: Allow users to buy and sell NFTs content.
  • NFT Ads Portal: Allow advertisers to place ads related to products and services on the platform.
  • Certificate of Completion: Offer users a certificate upon completion of a course or educational program.
Share profit for those involved:
  • Revenue generated from advertising or other sources is shared with content creators, community moderators, and users who engage with the content
  • The revenue sharing is based on the number of tokens earned by each user, which represents their contribution to the platform