MTMS Network is a virtual education hub that offers a wide range of educational content on various topics with the unique reward system powered by blockchain technology.
MTMS allows users to create and join study rooms, attend private meetings, public rooms, enabling learners and educators to connect and collaborate on courses, content and incentives for learning and teaching
What sets MTMS Network apart from other online education platforms is its unique reward system. Users can earn MTMS tokens by creating and sharing high-quality educational content. These tokens can be used to access premium content, purchase products and services on the platform, or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
MTMS Network also offers a range of tools and features to help users enhance their learning experience. These include interactive forums, chat rooms, and video conferencing tools, which allow users to connect and collaborate with other learners and educators from around the world.
Overall, MTMS Network is an innovative and user-friendly platform that aims to make quality education accessible to everyone while providing a new way for users to earn rewards for sharing their knowledge.
Good to know: MTMS offers beneficial features via Education Hub, which offer great help for students and teachers. This feature came from the mission to help everyone update the latest information with the least money spending. This Hubs support students from developing countries with limited budgets to connect with teachers/influencers to acquire their knowledge and share experience no matter where they stay.
Note: MTMS is currently under Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.